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Vermont 100% Virgin Red Hemlock:

This product is made from 100% virgin wood fiber and is shredded to a consistency that will maximize its longevity and provide the best weed suppression and moisture retention possible. Our 100% Vermont Hemlock Mulch is attractive ground cover representing one of Vermont's Largest Forest Product Company.

Black Tie Black (Enhanced):

A color enhanced version of our pine and spruce blend, which takes on a dark, rich, black color which will not fade. Attractive ground cover for all your landscaping needs including landscape islands, around trees and garden beds. Excellent moisture retention, weed control as well as soil enhancement. Note: do not apply deep layers around flowers or select plantings.

Tempest Pine (Brown):

This product is brown in color and made entirely of the bark from pine trees. Fine grind the original old-fashioned bark mulch. Very natural attractive ground cover for all your landscaping needs. Pine bark is prized for its slow decomposition rate when used as a landscape enhancement.

Playground (Certified):

Certified Playground chips are made from 100% virgin wood. Our playground chips are considered one of the safest wood product available for the playground environment.

No recycled content which may include metal or toxic residues.
Meets ADA, ASTM, and CPSC playground surfacing standards.


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